First Anniversary: Wang Jingwei & Modern China Book Launch

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On July 19, 2019 Wang Jingwei & Modern China was launched in this seminar, hosted by Chip Tsao (To Kit) with guests Wang Jingwei’s granddaughter and series Managing Editor, Cindy Ho, along with Philology PhD and series Editorial Advisor, Liang Jiyong.

Thanks to enthusiastic support, Wang Jingwei & Modern launched last year on July 17, at the Hong Kong Book Fair to an overwhelming reception.

Since we cannot participate in this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair due to Covid-19, we take this opportunity to mark the one-year anniversary of the books’ publication and thank everyone for their support. We look forward to seeing you next year at the Taipei Book Fair.

The publication of our series was made possible by our editorial team, who worked tirelessly with our colleagues on the design, layout and printing, so that Ho Mang Hang’s collection of firsthand materials created by Wang Jingwei and his associates could be openly shared without reservation for the first time.

Our gratitude goes to China Times Publishing Co. (R.O.C.) for their confidence in the project and unwavering belief, and Mr. Cheng-Ming Chao, Chairman/President who personally recommended the publication in this video.

We would also like to thank our advisors Wang Ke-wen, Hsu Yuming, Chi-Kay Tang, Yeung Yuk Fung, Chen Denwu, Liang Jiyong who lent their expert knowledge to each of our volumes and graced us with insightful prefaces.

Our books will not be showcased this year in Hong Kong, as none of the publishers from Taiwan will be participating in the Book Fair due to the pandemic. However, thanks to our friends at CupMedia, we are now able to share with you the recording of our Book Launch Seminar “The Origins of Wang Jingwei & Modern China.Click to view a lively discussion on the value and origin of this publication event.  

Special thanks go to all those who supported our work and purchased the books. Although readers from the mainland knew that the books are censored there, they still found a way to purchase them at the Book Fair.

Below are three photos that show: (left) the very first purchaser who took time off from work to arrive just as the Book Fair opened; (center) this reader from Hong Kong who contacted us to provide us with his encouragement, and (right)  this reader who lived on the Mainland had originally planned to take each of the six volumes in the series back home one by one, but later told us she decided to leave them behind in Hong Kong because she did not want to risk losing the books at the border. We hope that she, and other readers on the Mainland, will be able to read our books there one day soon. Beneath the photos are comments they left us.

Although demand at the 2019 Book Fair far exceeded our supply and we cannot see everyone this year in Hong Kong,  the good news is: until the end of this  month, they are discounted 25% here. So hurry and order yours while supply lasts.

Victor Yu

Hong Kong Reader: “Not cheap🙈but I still ran to grab them!🤣”

Daniel Yung

Hong Kong Reader: “Long awaited!”

2019 hk bookfair customer from mainland

Mainland Reader “I came to buy books, I’m so happy!”