Wang Jingwei & Modern China

Wang Jingwei & Modern China

  • The six-volume series Wang Jingwei & Modern China is produced by the Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust, a non-profit educational trust based in New York. It wishes to further the understanding of the life and ideas of Wang Jingwei — one of the most controversial and complex political figures in modern Chinese history — using his own words, those of his associates, and factual events.

    All the primary source material gathered in this series was collected, organized and preserved by Ho Mang Hang, who founded the Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust in 2010, with the mission to safeguard and present original writings, historical materials, calligraphy, artworks and private artifacts created by, or for, Wang Jingwei, and his associates.

  • Since the 1980s, aside from organizing his own collection of archival material and relics of Wang Jingwei and Chen Bijun, Ho Mang Hang photocopied archival material collected by Wang Jingwei’s associates as reference for future scholars. He also compiled Wang Jingwei’s published works into volumes and donated them to major libraries around the world, and shared his personal experiences and helped serious scholars with their Wang Jingwei research. What’s more, Ho deciphered and hand-copied Wang’s handwriting so we could read it more easily. He also annotated Wang Jingwei’s poetry and made recordings to help answer scholars’ questions. This has made our series Wang Jingwei & Modern China possible today.

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We wish to thank the many scholars and specialists who review the Wang Jingwei & Modern China series, as well as the following who lent their expertise by providing the preface for each of the six books:

Wang Jingwei: His Ideas and Beliefs
Professor Wang Ke-wen Stanford University PhD, Emeritus Professor of History, St. Michael’s College. Selected publications:《汪精衛‧國民黨‧南京政權》,〈戰爭與和平:試論汪政權的歷史地位〉,Modern China: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture and Nationalism.(New York: Garland Publishing, Co., 1998),並曾參與製作紀錄片 China: A Century of Revolution (New York: Ambrica Productions, 1997)。

Wang Jingwei’s Political Discourse: Selected Essays and Speeches
Professor Hsu Yuming, Department of History, National Chengchi University (MA), Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University (PhD). Visiting Researcher at Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Keio University, presently Assistant Professor at the Department and Institute of History, National Dong Hwa University. Specializes in modern Sino-Japanese relations and Republican era history. Publications include:《汪兆銘與國民政府一九三一—一九三六年對日問題下的政治變動》.

Wang Jingwei Poetry — Newly Edited
Professor Chiu Kay Tang. MBBS, BA(Hon), MPhil and PhD (The University of Hong Kong). Taught at The University of Hong Kong’s School of Chinese and School of Professional and Continuing Education, currently Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Director, Centre for Asian Studies, Honorary Research Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole, The University of Hong Kong. Publications include:《元遺山論詩絕句箋證》,《詞語診所》,《點讀三字經》,《陶朱公商訓十二則》.

Wang Jingwei Nanshe Poetry
Professor Yeung Yuk Fung, Associate Professor, School of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong. Well-experienced researcher of Nanshe study, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, and Chinese women literature. Former head of the School of Chinese (2007-2011)., Secretary to International Association of Nanshe Study, Advisor of “Chen Yingshi Research Society” and Vice- President of the Association of Nanshe and Liu Yazi Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Publications include:《煉石攻玉、思想啟蒙:夏丏尊譯介日人著譯的現代化意義》、《黃谷柳的顛簸人生與創作》、《探索與鉤沉:現代女作家與中國婦女解放問題》、《南社著譯敍錄》、《世紀南社‧書畫百家》etc;Chief Editor of《南社叢書》and Editor of《國際南社學會叢刊》。

Prison Writings by Members of the Wang Jingwei Regime
Professor Chen Den-wu, Department of History, National Taiwan Normal University PhD. History Professor and former Dean, College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan Normal University. Currently Chairman, Chinese Legal History Association. Specializes in Chinese legal history, the history of the Sui dynasty, the Tang dynasty, the Six dynasties, the rule of law in China, and visual history. Publications include《地獄‧法律‧人間秩序:中古中國宗教、社會與國家》, etc.

Cloud, Smoke, Scattered Memories, the Memoir of Ho Mang Hang
Dr. Liang Jiyong was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong. Doctor of philology, researcher of Guangdong culture. Publications include research studies on biographies of historical figures. Visiting scholar at Academia Sinica (Taiwan) and College de France.