Book Launch
This presentation reviews the launch of the six-volume series Wang Jingwei & Modern China. Published in 2019, the series is completely sold out within two years. This page is a tribute to the experts, members of the media, our editorial and production staff, our publisher China Times Publishing Company and, most of all, our readers for their support.

The Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust and Taiwan’s China Times Publishing Co. launched Wang Jingwei & Modern China on July 17, 2019 at the Hong Kong Book Fair.

On July 19, 2019 a Book Launch Seminar at the Fair was hosted by renowned writer/journalist Chip Tsao (known as To Kit). Speakers included Wang Jingwei’s granddaughter and series Managing Editor, Cindy Ho, along with Philology PhD and series Editorial Advisor, Liang Jiyong.

Cheng-Ming Chao, Chairman/President of China Times Publishing Co. discussed the importance of our books in this video, with a reference to the company’s 45 years of publishing experience:

In addition to providing prefaces for our books, academic experts and philology specialist shared their evaluations of our series on social media:

 Members of the media from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong reported the publication of Wang Jingwei & Modern China in newspapers, magazines and on the radio. Professor Wang Kewen’s preface for Wang Jingwei: His Life, Ideas and Beliefs was also one of Oriental History’s most read articles in 2019.

The Wang Jingwei & Modern China Book Series

now being released as individual e-books and in print