The “Real Wang Jingwei”

wjwchinanewsAbout the books

Dr. Liang Jiyong spoke to us on July 8 in his Causeway Bay art studio in Hong Kong about how our book series, particularly the volume Cloud, Smoke, Scattered Memories, the Memoir of Ho Mang Hang reveals the real Wang Jingwei.

As for whom the book series is most suited, Dr. Liang thought that while the first publication of many handwritten manuscripts and photographs is very suitable for historians, our books are also very suitable for people interested in the study of humanities. These books reveal not only Wang Jingwei the politician, but a real-life human with laughter, tears, emotions, interests, and relationships with other people. The books offer many interesting details about Wang Jingwei, who will be revealed as more a name in history books.

(Thank you Cup Media for providing subtitles)