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Society of Collective Wisdom (Annotated by Ho Mang Hang)

Wang Jingwei’s significance in the Guomindang and Chinese political arena makes it easier to overlook his activities and accomplishments in other areas. Before going to Japan, the young Wang Jingwei and his peers from the same village had organized Qunzhishe to encourage practical learning. During the Tongmenghui period, he formed an assassination squad with his comrades to plot against the Manchurian Qing officials with the goal to stimulate public sentiments for the revolution. In the early days of the Republic he founded The Society to Promote Virtue to correct negative social behaviors. After arriving in France, he joined with fervor The Diligent-Work-Frugal-Study Movement and the movement to study abroad in Europe. Based on his love for poetry and passion to save the country, Wang Jingwei was also a key member of the revolutionary poetry society Nanshe. He was also a board member of the Science Society of China, promoting the popularization of science. Through these associations, we can better understand the many facets of Wang Jingwei’s colorful life. A few of these are described below, they are also mentioned in our books Wang Jingwei & Modern China.


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