“Nanshe Shihua” Authorship: Mystery Solved by Liang Jiyong

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The fourth volume of Wang Jingwei & Modern ChinaWang Jingwei Nanshe Shihua, is the first publication of the “Nanshe Shihua” manuscript handwritten by Wang Jingwei under the name “Manzhao.” The text was originally serialized in newspaper columns in Nanhua Ribao (1930-31) and again in Zhonghua Ribao (1934).

After a close study of the visible markings and overwriting left on Wang’s manuscript, philologist Dr. Liang Jiyong confirms in “‘Nanshe Shihua’ Authorship: Mystery Solved,” published in Lingnan Culture and History (Issue No. 4, 2019), that there is no question that Manzhao was Wang Jingwei.

This concurs with the conclusions made by Professor Yeung Yuk-Fung who penned the preface of Wang Jingwei Nanshe Shihua and Dr. William Wong.