“Theory Becomes Reality: Confirming Wang Jingwei and Manzhao were the Same Person” by William Wong

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In 2013, Dr. William Wong (retired head of the East Asian Library Collection at the University of California, Irvine) wrote an article in Mingpao Monthly proposing that Manzhao (the pseudonym used by the author of “Nanshe Shihua”) was, in fact, Wang Jingwei. Six years later, definitive evidence supporting Dr. Wong’s theory appeared with the publication of the handwritten manuscript in the book Wang Jingwei Nanshe Poetry with a preface by Professor Yeung Yuk Fung. On November 11, 2019, Dr. William Wong wrote an article in ChinaTimes expanding on his 2013 theory and confirming that Wang Jingwei and Manzhao were one and the same — adding that the evidence found in Wang Jingwei Nanshe Poetry, is “music to my ears.”
With content so rich in archival value, the book is creatively laid out, presented beautifully with text alongside images…a real collector’s item.William Wong