Li Longbiao Remembers Wang Jingwei

編輯 EditorRemembering Wang Jingwei

87-year old retired industrialist Mr. Li Longbiao recalls life during the years 1941-1945 under the Wang Jingwei Regime in the Japanese-occupied territory of Shantou. In this 30-minute video,  Mr. Li shares his views on Wang Jingwei the politician and the person: his character, strengths and weaknesses, relationship with Sun Yat-sen, his persuasive ability to win others people’s respect, and his poetic elegance. Mr. Li also covers topics ranging from Wang’s anti- and pro-communism positions, Xishan conference faction, Hanoi Incident, and campaign to purge communists in the countryside. Most of all, he points out the fact that the Wang Jingwei Regime kept the nation’s spirit and vitality.

A life-long history devotée, Mr Li is a longtime contributor and donor to The Observation Post, a renowned journal dedicated to modern Chinese history, which was established in Hong Kong in 1957. A published author, Mr. Li travels the world to personally experience places where historical figures lived. He is a personal friend and supporter of the descendants of many historical figures, as well as university history professors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the mainland.

Told in an approachable narrative style, this video offers a rare opportunity to hear someone speak about those times from first-hand knowledge.

I study history, I need to be honest and tell the truth. I cannot only say what sounds nice.…I was not a subordinate of Wang's, his student or relative, I just speak the truth as a historian.…I raise these questions for others to explore and verify to see if they are factual, or just a figment my imagination.…In fact, one can find many answers in this book [Wang Jingwei: His Life, Ideas and Belief]…the material in it is unfiltered, unlike books written by historians. LI LONGBIAO