Wang Jingwei’s In-Laws: The Ho Family

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Calligraphy of poetry by 何吾騶 He Wuzou(1581-1651)

The Wang and Ho families had enjoyed a long friendship which grew inseparable when Ho Mang Hang married Wang Jingwei’s daughter Wenxing (1914-2015). Ho’s father Xiufeng (1898-1970) had helped Wang publish his poetry collection in Hong Kong. Both families were steeped in culture and the arts.

The Ho family genealogical record shows that the 13th generation ancestor He Wuzou was a jinshi (highest and final degree in the imperial examination) who became the prime minister. He was also an accomplished poet, calligrapher and painter.

Ho Mang Hang’s grandfather 何長清 He Changqing (1843-1909) was a military jinshi who held the position of Navy Commander in Guangdong. He was in charge of reinforcing the Fort of the Tiger Gate. He was also a poet and painter.

Ho Mang Hang’s father 何秀峰 He Xiufeng (1898-1970) and uncle 英父 Yingfu used their skills in calligraphy to handcopy Wang Jingwei’s poems, including works that do not appear in the Shuangzhaolou collection. He Xiufeng was also a renowned seal carver and collector. His friendships with other artists such as 趙少昂 Zhao Shao’ang (1905-1998), 馮康侯 Feng Kanghou (1901-1983), 黃侃 Huang Kan (1890-1968) and others resulted in many distinctive collaborative works.

He Xiufeng’s calligraphy of Wang Jingwei poem in clerical script on fan painted by Zhao Shao’ang.

As for Ho Mang Hang, he was a graduate of Jinling University in agriculture economics. In addition to publishing a series of books on poisonous plans of Hong Kong, he was also a botanical artist whose watercolors combine the Western tradition of keen observation and attention to detail with Chinese Lingnan School romanticism, lyricism and symbolism. His works have received several awards and have been exhibited at galleries in New York City and elsewhere.