Analyzing Ho Mang Hang’s “Nanshe Shihua” by Chu Onpui

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Ho Mang Hang Nanshe shihua analyzed

Wang Jingwei & Modern China editor Chu Onpui’s essay in the journal Shijishuping points out the fact that Ho Mang Hang’s Nanshe Shihua is a unique edition, not an exact copy, of Wang Jingwei’s literary discourse “Nanshe Shihua.” Chu arrived at this conclusion after a careful study and analysis of Ho’s earlier draft of Nanshe Shihua, which he compared with its final version, as well as Wang’s handwritten manuscript.

Ho Mang Hang wrote in a note in his Nanshe Shihua that the source of his work was a person named Zhou. Since we do not know Zhou’s identity, and the original newspapers columns in Nanhua Ribao are no longer extant, the origin of Ho’s handwritten copy leaves room for further study. This is also of particular interest to philologist Dr. Liang Jiyong, who revealed his detailed findings in the journal Lingnan Culture and History (Issue No. 4, 2019).

Wang Jingwei Nanshe Poetry, the fourth volume in Wang Jingwei & Modern China, is the first publication of Wang Jingwei’s handwritten manuscript of “Nanshe Shihua.”

Many similar discoveries can be found by analyzing the original manuscripts and materials in Wang Jingwei Nanshe Poetry and the other books in the Wang Jingwei & Modern China  series. 


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