“In Search of the Real Wang Jingwei—Six Monumental Works Restore True History,” by Wong Yu Cheung

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On July 21, 2019, journalist Wong Yu Cheung reported on Wang Jingwei & Modern China for the Chinese language international affairs newsweekly Yazhou Zhoukan. He interviewed the managing editor for the book series Cindy Ho, Wang Jingwei’s granddaughter. Read the full text here. The preface for Wang Jingwei: His Ideas and Beliefs, authored by the historian Professor Wang Ke-wen (Stanford University PhD), was also excerpted here in the same issue.

In this interview about the origins of the book series, managing editor Cindy Ho said that while many people talk about Wang Jingwei, few are familiar with his own words. The series aims to broaden awareness of Wang with his own writings and speeches. Yazhou Zhoukan reporter pointed out:

These six monumental works, with content rarely seen today, are significant to the study of Wang Jingwei. They restore the true Wang Jingwei.Wong Yu Cheung

“Questioning Wang Jingwei as a Hanjian—Historical Value Difficult to Assess” by Wang Ke-wen

In the preface for Wang Jingwei: His Ideas & Beliefs Professor Wang Ke-wen wrote that Wang Jingwei should be not simplistically described as “a traitor,” nor should one jump to conclusions. This book offers an opportunity for people to face history with honesty:

If a people cannot face its past with honesty, regardless of how long its history, it cannot be considered a mature people.Wang Ke-wen