Army Trooper Wang Jianfeng Remembers Wang Jingwei

編輯 EditorRemembering Wang Jingwei

Photo shows Chiang Kai-shek reviewing the troops. Wang Jianfeng is third from the right in the front row.

Mr. Wang Jianfeng, who served under General Dai Li’s Bureau of Investigation and Statistics, wrote about his experiences in the Japanese-occupied territories. Thanks to Mr. Wang’s nephew Mr. Zhou, who contacted the Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust on Facebook, we are now able to share the photo above and an excerpt from his uncle’s memoir.

According to Mr. Zhou, Mr. Wang served in the National Revolutionary Army, in the 156th Division of the 64th Army. During the Second Sino-Japanese War, he was sent by Dai Li to the occupied territories.

In this excerpt, the author contrasted his personal experiences and research with the common assessment of Wang Jingwei as a hanjian (traitor to the Chinese nation) and concluded that Wang Jingwei could have, in fact, been a national hero. Mr. Wang Jianfeng listed 14 points in support this argument and described his experience being discovered by the Japanese while serving under Dai Li and the torture he suffered as a result. It was only when the Wang Jingwei government came to his rescue that Mr. Wang Jianfeng survived.

I don't want to defend a traitor, but most of all, I am not afraid to be labeled. The fact is, to this day, no one dares to write this. But this is my true personal experience, it is all factual. History is history, if it is not reported, and people of this generation may not have seen the full picture, I'm afraid it will vanish in the next generations. This is the motivation behind my writing this down in such detail.WANG JIANFENG

We are grateful to Mr. Wang Jianfeng and his family for sharing a preview of this valuable draft of the memoir. We look forward to the publication of his work and hope that more eye witnesses who lived through this period of history and their descendants will come forward and share their remembrances remembrances and insights.