Wang Jingwei’s Poetic Legacy

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The two-volume Wang Jingwei’s Poetry: Unabridged Edition with Calligraphy and Annotations, published by the Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust in collaboration with Eight Corners Books is available worldwide on February 1, 2024 through Elephant White Cultural Enterprise. Readers can purchase the printed book from online retailers such as, Eslite, Kingstone, and other major bookstores.

Hoes does the paperback differ from the hardcover edition? 

The new edition is an expansion on Wang Jingwei’s Poetry published in 2019. In two volumes, the book builds on more than 100 pages of poetry drafts with additional Wang calligraphy originally collected by family members. These works shed light on the poet’s inner world and his creative process.

Why is Wang Jingwei considered one of 20th century’s most important poets?

Scholars such as Qian Zhongshu (1910-1998),  Chen Yan (1856-1937), Yu Yingshi (1930-2021), Ye Jiaying (1924-), etc. had all been generous with their praises and analyses of Wang Jingwei’s poetic prowess. Wang’s close associate Zeng Zhongming (1896-1939) wrote in the Afterword of Wang’s Little Respite poetry collection:

Mr. Wang did not see his poetry as a tool to promote the revolution. Yet as soon as it is published, readers would become so moved by his skills and genuine emotions they could not put it down. ZENG ZHONGMING

But how did Wang Jingwei write poetry? The answer could be discovered in Wang Jingwei’s Poetry: Unabridged Edition with Calligraphy and Annotations Volume II. In nearly 300 pages of handwritten manuscripts, Wang’s creative process is revealed. Readers can witness the birth of each poem. Different versions of the drafts allow us to see various choices of words, what was discarded and what was kept, as if the poet himself was personally guiding us and explaining his poetic technique. This rare opportunity cannot be experienced any other way.

What is so special about Wang Jingwei’s son-in-law’s annotations?

In Volume I of Wang Jingwei’s Poetry: Unabridged Edition with Calligraphy and Annotations we see the private printing of Wang’s complete poetry collection Shuangzhaolou shicigao, with reading notes and annotations by Ho Mang Hang (1916-2016). Ho’s notes provide important insight into the historical context of Wang’s poetic expression, adding dimension and clarity for today’s readers. As an intimate member of the Wang family, Ho was uniquely qualified to perform this task.

For these reason, this book is essential reading for all those who wish to understand and study Wang Jingwei’s poetry and the person.