Wang Jingwei’s Literary Heritage

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The Genealogical Record of the Wangs was compiled by his older brother 汪兆鏞 Wang Zhaorong (1861-1939). Annotations by Ho Mang Hang.

Wang Jingwei grew up in a family of considerable literary accomplishments and became steeped in scholarly pursuits since childhood.

Dating back to the 12th generation jinshi (highest and final degree in the imperial examination) 汪應軫 Wang Yingchen, to Wang Jingwei’s great grandfather 汪炌 Wang Kai (1756-1832), grandfather 汪雲 Wang Yun (1786-1844) — a juren (recommended in the imperial examination) who taught at the Miaogao Academy in Zhejiang, his father 汪琡 Wang Shu (1824-1897) —a student at the Imperial Academy and a counselor in Guangdong, to his elder brothers 兆鏞 Zhaorong, 兆銓 Zhaoquan (1859-1929), 兆鋐 Zhaohong (1878-1903), 兆鈞 Zhaojun (1879-1901) were all men of letters. 

With this solid literary foundation, Wang also benefited in the art of poetry from Shuishanguan Poems by his uncle, the renowned scholar 汪瑔 Wang Quan (1828-1891) :

I have read Shuishanguan Poems thoroughly since I was twelve or thirteen. I can only credit my Uncle for my basic understanding of poetry.WANG JINGWEI: HIS LIFE, IDEAS & BELIEFS page 521

Wang Jingwei also passed on his knowledge to others, as exemplified in “Tenth Brother” Zeng Zhongming (1896-1939), whose Poems of Xiehanglou is a manifestation of his concern for his country. Wang’s nephews such as 汪屺 Wang Qi, 汪宗準 Wang Zongzhun all shared his devotion for literature and the arts, with publications of their own.