Wang Poetry as Gifts of Friendship and Affection

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Wang Jingwei’s Shuangzhaolou poem inscribed by 盧子樞 Lu Zishu (1900-1978) on folding fan painted by 溥儒 Pu Ru (1896-1963).

Wang Jingwei’s poetry was often used as inscriptions in the creation of folding fans, which were carriers of painting and calligraphy. Folding fans were gifts of friendship and affection among the literati.

In 1930, Wang inscribed his poem on a fan painted by 陳樹人 Chen Shuren (1884-1948)’s as a present to Ho Mang Hang’s mother 李凌霜 Li Lingshuang.

Another example is the fan Lu Zhishu and Pu Ru fan created in 1942 which was presented to 何秀峰 He Xiufeng (1898-1970), Mang Hang’s father, a seal carver and art collector, as seen in the photo above.

Wang Jingwei’s poem was inscribed by 何英父 He Xingfu on folding fan painted by He Xiufeng.

Wang Jingwei poem inscribed by the calligrapher He Yingfu for Ho Mang Hang’s daughter.