New Milestone: E-Books Coming Soon!

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In just two years since the July 2019 launch, the six-volume box set Wang Jingwei & Modern China has completely sold out. For this, we are grateful to the enthusiastic media response and readers support.

While Wang Jingwei continues to be a subject of debate, one thing is clear: the thirst for knowledge about the real Wang Jingwei via primary source materials, particularly his own writings, remains unquenched. Scholars and general readers are most interested in quenching this thirst by examining authentic archival resources so that they may arrive at their own conclusions.

We again thank professors Wang Kewen, Hsu Yuming, Chiu Kay Tang, Yeung Yuk Fung, Chen Denwu and Dr. Liang Jiyong for their expert participation, advice and prefaces and introductions that appear in each of the volumes. Our appreciation goes to the series editor Chu Onpui and the rest of the editorial team for their tireless effort, and China Times Publishing Co. who made the publication a reality.

We are especially grateful for the individuals who shared their personal memories of the Wang Jingwei regime. We are moved by readers from the mainland who traveled to Hong Kong to purchase our books, even at the risk of confiscation.

Without Ho Mang Hang, the son-in-law of Wang Jingwei, whose collection, preservation organization and analyses of the never-before published firsthand material, Wang Jingwei & Modern China would not be possible.

We are pleased to announce our plans for e-books. Based on the original printed edition, these digital publications will also include expanded content.The Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust

Our readers’ encouragement, queries and requests can now bring us closer to our mission to complete our understanding of not only Wang Jingwei, but a period of often-misunderstood modern history to interested readers around the world.

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