“Wang Jingwei Poetry – Newly Edited: A Preliminary Exploration” by Chiu Kay Tang

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鄧昭祺 汪精衛詩詞初探

Professor Chiu Kay Tang, who authored the preface of Wang Jingwei Poetry - Newly Edited, is the first scholar to analyze Wang Jingwei’s poetry collection Shuangzhaolou shicigao using Wang’s handwritten manuscripts that are presented in the book. Professor Tang discussed his work in a video interview produced by the Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust on July 9, 2019.

Professor Tang further expanded his findings in the article “Wang Jingwei Poetry - Newly Edited: A Preliminary Exploration,” published in Journal of Chinese Cultural Studies, Vol. 5, Issue 2, December 2019, where he points out how Wang’s handwritten manuscripts enrich the understanding of Wang Jingwei’s creative process. Professor Tang also highlighted the importance of Ho Mang Hang’s Shuangzhaoloushici duhouji (“Reflections After Reading Shuangzhaolou Poetry”), and Ho’s annotations in Wang Jingwei Poetry - Newly Edited, pp. 7-107) which provide background and information, invaluable to scholars.

We are delighted to share the entire article below.

We are now presented with Wang Jingwei Shuangzhaolou shicigao handwritten drafts one, two, three, and more. Aside from illustrating Wang’s perfectionist approach, they provide a glimpse into Wang’s inner thoughts and creative process. These firsthand material is extremely valuable.CHIU KAY TANG

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