“Free As the Wind—On Wang Jingwei,” hosted by Shum Yat-Fei

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香港電台講東講西 RHK Free as the Wind

On July 23, 2019, Radio Television Hong Kong invited Cindy Ho, Liang Jiyong and Chu On Pui to speak about Wang Jingwei on the program “Free As the Wind,” hosted by Shum Yat-Fei.

 “Free As the Wind” (FM92.6) uses a relaxed, casual format to raise general awareness about a wide range of subjects. One of the hosts is Shum Yat-Fei, an experienced commentator, who had written for various newspapers. He spoke with Wang Jingwei’s granddaughter Cindy Ho, the book series Wang Jingwei & Modern China’s managing editor, as well as editorial consultant philologist Dr. Liang Jiyong and the book series editor, Chu On Pui. Topics discussed ranged from Wang’s 1910 assassination attempt on Prince Regent, his prison life, relationship with Chiang Kai-shek, and also what happened to Chen Bijun and other Wang associates after the War.

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