Happy New Year from Wang Jingwei & Modern China

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Painting by Wang Wenxun

As we welcome 2020 and the Chinese New Year, we extend best wishes to our readers with this painting by Wang Jingwei's daughter Wang Wenxun, dedicated to Ho Mang Hang’s parents.

Thanks to your support, the six-volume Wang Jingwei & Modern China is not only selling well in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the series is a topic of great interest and concern on the mainland, even though the books are not yet available for direct purchase there — a situation we hope will change in future.

Professor Wang Ke-wen’s preface to Wang Jingwei: His Life, Ideas & Beliefs on Oriental History Review’s Weixin became one of the most popular posts of the entire year, even though it was only posted in November. Please visit this page for media reports and works related to our books. If you see other reports, please let us know.

Wang Jingwei & Modern China continues to be collected by institutions worldwide. Please help us update the list, and request the books from your favorite libraries not yet listed here.