“Hanjian is Too Grave— Wang Jingwei Descendant Speaks” by Wengin Hsu

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When Cindy Ho, Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust trustee and Wang Jingwei’s granddaughter, gave an interview to Wengin Hsu for the newspaper China Times published on July 12, 2019, she said:
To ask a family member how to evaluate Wang Jingwei is not meaningful. What I hope for, is that in the future, when people speak about Wang Jingwei, they will not only rely on gossip or false narratives, but the facts. Cindy Ho
Cindy Ho also spoke about a sense of duty to share these primary source materials with the public, which is the reason for publishing Wang Jingwei & Modern China. This report discusses the origins and historical importance of Wang Jingwei’s draft of an autobiography.