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Thanks to our readers, it has come to our attention that a person named Lawrence Lee has falsely claimed on the platform Douban to be the “Editor” of our series Wang Jingwei & Modern China. In addition, “Lawrence Lee” has copied images and text of some of our blog posts, changed a few words, and reposted them on Douban as his own work.

We hereby declare that the Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust that “Lawrence Lee” is not the editor of Wang Jingwei & Modern China. The series Managing Editor is Cindy Ho, a trustee of the Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust, and the editor is Chu On Pui. Their names are displayed on the copyright page of each of the series volumes.

We thank our readers for the information. We kindly ask for everyones help in alerting us to future offensive activities by contacting us.

Below are images sent to us by concerned readers, showing how “Lawrence Lee” has misappropriated the property of the Wang Jingwei Irrevocable Trust:

Douban profile for Lawrence Lee

Lawrence Lee copied our post (see original here), changed a couple of words and posted it on Douban, crediting himself as the author.

Taiwans Hu Shih Memorial Hall posted this announcement denying Lawrence Lee as an employee.

Lawrence Lee openly calling himself Editor of our series Wang Jingwei & Modern China.